In WeihnachsTurnier you can choose between playing against the computer or you can play against a friend. If you play against the computer you\'ll be on the right hand side and will move around with the arrow keys left and right and use the up arrow to jump. You can only volley the ball with yourself so many times before you lose a point. Every time the ball falls on the ground, the other team gets a point. If you are playing against each other, you\'ll use A,S,D, and F for the second player. Once the points hit nine, the match is over and you\'ll try again or beat even more opponents in WeihnachsTurnier.

How to play

see in the instruction in the game.

  • Funny volleyball
  • Jeeves Volleyball
  • Penguin Volleyball Flash
  • VolleyBomb
  • School Of Volleyball


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